Basic Information

Filmteractive is a two-day international event devoted to innovative audiovisual content: interactive film, web video, branded & digital content, and crossmedia / transmedia.

The event is a 2-in-1 formula – the combination of business Conference (Filmteractive Conference) and content Market (Filmteractive Market).

The event is organised by the Lodz Media Klaster Foundation, the Polish National School of Film, Television and Theatre in Lodz, and the Digital One interactive agency.

The aim of Filmteractive is to create an ideal meeting place, where filmmakers, interactive directors, artists, marketers, and potential investors may network and exchange their professional know-how. We are presenting the newest trends in cross-media storytelling, content marketing, innovation in audio-visual industry and business strategies for the above.
The four editions of Filmteractive attracted hundreds of guests and dozens of acknowledged speakers from all over the world. The 2014 edition featured 350 guests from different European countries. Not only did we welcome representatives of significant brands, but also producers, creators and various media.

Our target group includes:
  • Film branch – creators and producers pitching their projects, and looking for potential investors and partners
  • Interactive branch – digital companies, portals and VOD services interested in purchasing the pitched projects; content creators, interactive directors and other new media producers
  • Investors willing to finance presented A/V projects
  • Media looking for new content
  • Advertising branch interested in using video art
  • Marketers interested in expanding their business contacts.

The main goal of Filmteractive is to provide business networking between the artists and the business sector from around Europe. The secondary goal is to educate on the possibilities of digital content, interactive video and crossmedia formats.


International business conference focused on innovative audiovisual content and newest trends in the industry.
The 2015 Conference will be focuses on creative content in new media, content marketing campaigns and audiovisual entertainment.
Following the newest advertising trends we would like to show the 360̊ perspective on the topic presenting the point of view of brands, creators, media and agencies.

Key topics at Filmteractive Conference 2015:
  • Content markting for big brands (movies, video games)
  • Creative content for media
  • New media
  • Video games.


Filmteractive Market is the first interactive and crossmedia content marketplace in Central and Eastern Europe.
It is a place for content creators who want to present their innovative film, video game, crossmedia or documentary projects, and for those who are looking for new content.
Creators are pitching live in front of the jury panel during Filmteractive event, after passing the online selection earlier on. The winner gets the award.

Two categories of awards:

The best non-commercial project
This is a competition for the best non-commercial innovative audiovisual project.
Project creators are given a chance to present their work in front of commissioning editors of European broadcasters, possible co-producers, investors and business angels, who are invited to join the Market Expert Panel.

The best project with commercial potential
This is a competition for projects with potential to be used as content for brands in content marketing advertising campaigns. The projects will be presented in front of marketing specialists and representatives of brands, who are looking for such content

We are looking for:
  • interactive video (films, TV-series, web series)
  • video games
  • crossmedia/transmedia
  • innovative documentaries

Filmteractive Market content:

16 pitching sessions
Presentation of all submitted projects on
Presentation of finalist projects in Filmteractive Yearbook – an annual print publication


Filmteractive Festival is a unique combination of art, film and new technologies. It is a part devoted to digital creators and artists.
The aim of the Filmteractive Festival is to promote innovative audiovisual projects. We want to show this relatively new branch of art to the public, explain them what it is and maybe encourage them to create their own unique projects. Therefore, the participation in the Festival is free of charge.
Our focus in 2015 are movies created for brands.

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