VIP Tickets

VIP tickets for Filmteractive 2015 are already available!
It is a limited offer - only 4 tickets available
Price 3900 PLN net.

The VIP ticket offer includes:
- Entrace ticket fot Filmteractive 2015
- Participation in VIP Dinner on 23.09.2015

The Dinner is a wonderful opportunity to network
with Filmteractive Speakers, Commissioners, Sponsors and Organisers.
It is a perfect opportunity to estabilish new business contacts.
It is a 2 hour long closed dinner for 35 people
with full service and delicious food and drinks.

If you are interested please contact:

Here you can see the photos from 2014 VIP Dinner:

Olgierd Cygan (Digital One), Bernhard Hafenscher (Red Bull Media House), Anna Iller (Allegro), Bernhard Stephan (Red Bull Media House)

Michał Przymusiński (Collegium Civitas), Andrzej Garapich (PBI), Olgierd Cygan (Digital One)

Charlotte Appelgren (Cine Regio) ,Oliver Kohl-Pahl (Branded Content Expert)

Urszula Lubińska (Brightcove), Belen Santa-Ollala (Transmedia Storyteller)


Charlotte Appelgren (Cine Regio), Belen Santa-Ollala (Transmedia Storyteller), Adipat Virdi (Transmediasphere), Lucia Haslauer (ZDF), Urszula Lubińska (Brightcove), Sophie Rayers (Brighcove)

Magdalena Szmit (, Bartłomiej Wojdak (Urząd Miasta Łodzi), aneta Gąsiorek I Anna Maj (IAB), Krzysztof Beniowski (Agora)