April 11, 2016

Call for Projects 2016 is now open!


Pitch your ideas in front of marketers representing big brands and decision makers from venture capital funds.


We are looking for innovative content & technology solutions engaging the audience in unpredictable way. We are looking for innovation in content, platform or technology. For example:
  • Projects with interactive experience using technologies (e.g. consoles and game controllers) in a creative way
  • Projects that are something more than video games (games with innovative approach to playing experience)
  • Virtual reality projects
  • Everything that goes with #socialmedia #mobile #VR #gaming #innovation #interactive

Please note that all the submitted project must be minimum viable product (mvp), which means their visible and functional features must be presentable.


If your project goes through final selection you will get a chance to:

•     Present your project at one of 8 stands in Innovation Zone
•     Win new business partner
•     Pitch your project on stage in front of decision makers and Filmteractive audience.
•     Benefit from networking possibilities
•     Let us participate in covering your travel and accommodation costs.
•     Get financing for your project


•     Download the application form
•     Fill in the application form in English
•     Send the application to project@filmteractive.eu

November 30, 2015

Watch the presentations of Filmteractive Market 2015 winners!

This year we have both winners from Poland: Createria & Digital Stories,

Presentations are available on our You Tube channel.

Digital Stories: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-BZvveT6Hw

Createria: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmsPnYWekjs
October 7, 2015

Meet the Winners of Filmteractive Market 2015!

For the first time we have winners from Poland!

Short descriptions of both winning projects:

Createrria turns making games into a game itself! Players can create their own games directly on mobile devices, share with friends and play others creations.
There are hundreds of millions of players on mobile. Many of them are so engaged that they would love to become creators (like it happens with music or photo enthusiasts) – but on mobile there are no easy ways to create games. There were several attempts to “crack the code” on mobile but they are either hard-to-use developer apps or produce poor quality results. Createrria is different – its main advantage is being extremely fun and simple to use, allowing users to create excellent quality games (comparable to commercial AppStore releases) in very short time.
Createrria users are not only engaged players but also kids and their parents. Thanks to strong creativity background it is a very good application for education purposes – both for preschool kids (general game creation) and game development students (level design education).
Since its release for iOS (Apple mobile system) Createrria has been downloaded over 1.5M times, while its users have published 800k games, played over 65M times! Android version is coming summer 2015.

Website of the project: http://incuvo.com/

Digital Stories - modern storytelling format that mixes narrative techniques of comics, tv shows and interactivity of games to tell engaging stories.  Digital Stories is a  format used to create modern entertainment, education and advertisement content. Built in a way that lowers entry barriers for various audiences. Simple handling enhances experience, smoothly leading through the content and invites to interact when it’s meaningful. Available for smartphones, tablets and computers with possibilities to bring them to consoles, smart TVs, VR headsets and internet browsers.

Website of the project: http://www.canexplode.com/
September 1, 2015

Meet Filmteractive Market Finalists!

We have pleasure to announce Filmteractive Market finalists selected by our international jury!

Here is the list of 10 best projects that will be pitched live on 24th of September:

1. FilmDrops, Hungary
2. iIsland, Slovenia
3. Digital Stories, Poland
4. Infinidie - Open Creative Footage Community, Spain/ Sweden
5. Morphosis, France
6. Mash&Co, Italy
7. Createrria: Craft your games!, Poland
8. Sonar, Germany
9. Unseen, France
​10. The Suspect, Australia

 We can't wait to see all the presentations!
August 18, 2015

Consulting session with experts from SpeedUp Group!

SpeedUp award for Filmteractive Market winners!

SpeedUp is a group of venture capital funds established in 2009. Two selected projects will be awarded with professional strategy analysis in the fields of business model, budget plan, sales channel and promotion. Here you can find more information: www.speedupgroup.com
August 7, 2015

Filmteractive Market submissions in numbers!

We received 75 projects from 30 countries. Here you can see the list of most active countries.

Poland              13
France                9
Italy                    7
Canada               5
Germany             4
Spain                  4
USA                   4
Dominican Rep.   3
Estonia               3
Romania             3
UK                     3
Afghanistan        2
Armenia             2
Austria               2
Israel                 2
Switzerland        2
July 24, 2015

For Filmteractive Market we got 75 submissions from all over the world!

The international reach of our Market is growing

On 15th July we have closed the Call for Projects. We got 75 projects from 6 continents.

Now keep your fingers crossed for your projects to get selected for the final 8!

Here you can see the statistics:
Afghanistan 2
Armenia 2
Australia 1
Austria 2
Brasil 1
Canada 5
Denmark 1
Dominican Republic 3
Egypt 1
Estonia 3
France 9
Germany 4
Hungary 1
Israel 2
Italy 7
Lithuania 1
Luxembourg 1
Macedonia 1
Montenegro 1
Pakistan 1
Palestine 1
Poland 13
Romania 3
Slovenija 1
Spain 4
Sweden 1
Switzerland 2
UK 3
Zimbabwe 1
June 8, 2015

New Market application deadline!!!

You have time till July 15th!!!

We would like to remind you that here you can download the application form as well as get all the important information about our Market!

If you have any questions please contact us at: info@filmteractive.eu

You have time till July 15th!!!
May 14, 2015

Last month to submit your A/V projects to Filmteractive Market 2015!

We are looking for interactive movies, documentaries, crossmedia and video games

HERE you can download the application form and get all the important information
March 25, 2015

Filmteractive Market 2015 Call for Projects is now open!

Submit your crossmedia/
video game/interactive projects!

Here you can find the information about the call for project and download the application form: http://filmteractive.eu/market-cfp/en?lang=EN
March 5, 2015

Watch an interview with Filmteractive Market 2014 Winners!

Charlotte de la Gournerie and Bo
Juhl Nielsen talking about their
project “The Raward” and
participation in Filmteractive.

Watch the interview with the authors of “The Reward” and other interviews with Filmteractive participants on:
Our Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/FilmteractiveFestival
Our YouTube profile: https://www.youtube.com/user/Filmteractive 
February 13, 2015

Cross Video Days 2015 Call for Projects is open!

Digital interactive producers and
creators, find new opportunities to
co-finance and co-produce your
innovative projects in Paris in June
11-12, 2015!

CVD invites you to submit your projects before March 16, 2015 under 8 different categories of the call for projects: Cinema & Transmedia, Interactive Documentary, Webseries & Web fiction, Cross-media TV show, Interactive Animation, Youth and Education, new category - Video Game and Other - for all the projects “outside the box”. 

More info:
January 30, 2015

Good news! "Komplex,28", got selected at SlingShot Festival of Athens Georgia, USA

The project which got honourable 
mention at Filmteractive 
got acknowledged again!

“Komplex, 28” will be installed in their city!!! 

Visit the websit of the Festival:

Here you can watch the pitching session of "Komplex,28"