September 27, 2015

The participants of Filmteractive 2015 learned about the newest trends in content marketing!

Is there a place for washing machines in fashion industry? How is coffee related to content marketing? 

On the first day of the event, a business conference took place. It was addressed to representatives of the broadly understood business – starting from advertisers, through media, and finishing on representatives of creative industries. As every year, many great speakers representing well-known brands and media came to Lodz Film School, e.g. Villads Spangsberg (LEGO), Lovisa Sunnerholm (Electrolux), Oscar Colombo (illycaffè) or Amanda Farnsworth (BBC News). The main topic of the conference was content marketing, which many different sites were presented.
Villads Spangsberg told how does he produces films and TV series for kids at his work for LEGO. He presented the whole creative process which every new collection of bricks has to come through. What is more, he showed some of his last projects and answered why everyone demands new sets devoted to Star Wars. Lovisa Sunnerholm, on the other hand, presented the new trend, which is green washing. „The Next Black”, film produced by Lovis, showed why taking care of your garments is more profitable than buying new ones all the time. Amanda Farnsworth let participants to have a sneak peek at the newsroom of the BBC, the most appreciated medium on Earth. She told very interestingly about the combination of the information with the most modern technologies.
The second day of the Filmteractive belonged to young creators from all over the world. Ten of them showed their interactive ideas on a pitching session in front of jury: Amila Čirkinagić (The Financing Forum For Kids Content), Barbara Żbik (PayU), Romain Bonnin (France Télévisions), Bartłomiej Gola (SpeedUp Group), Maciej Binkowski (Techland), Amanda Farnsworth (BBC News), Anna Iller (Allegro Group), Robert Pratten (Transmedia Storyteller), Katarzyna Jezierska (PepsiCo), Monika Bednarek (miptv) and Marcin Połeć (The City of Lodz Office). The jury decided that Digital Stories and Createrria: Craft Your Games, two Polish productions, were the best. Also Spanish-Swedish Infinidie and Italian Mash&Co were appreciated.
“The level of all submitted projects was very high, that’s why the discussion on who should win was long and fierce. Finally we decided that Digital Stories and Createrria: Craft your games need our support more than others”, said Maciej Binkowski (Techland).
Main prizes were founded by Digital One agency and The City of Lodz. Additionally, authors of the best projects got invitations for the next year edition of the biggest fair on film and TV content – miptv in Cannes, and consultations with the SpeedUp group.
Festival finished with films screenings. At first, participants saw the best videos submitted to Discovery competition: “Always curious: father and son”. After that two documentaries which conference speakers had mentioned were shown: “The Next Black” produced for AEG and “A Small Section of the World” produced for illycaffe.
Olgierd Cygan, the Filmteractive initiator and CEO at Digital One agency: “For the 5th time we have created an opportunity for worlds of TV, film, Internet and marketing to confront. Together with our great speakers we showed how dynamically TV and film have changed and what has happened with widely understood entertainment, mainly under the influence of new media. Participants of Filmteractive 2015 had a chance to discover international content marketing projects and compare their own perception of it with how this trend develops worldwide.”